EAT PRAY LOVE: Finding Yourself.

Finding Yourself.

Life is a test of character and strength.

The struggle?

Man’s initial reaction to pain and confusion is always the same – Anger. Until it eats you up you never stop.

The moment you get tired – that’s the only time you accept you are a looser. But until you beat yourself up for being one, you will never move on.

It takes time, and no one is hurrying us. Besides, no matter what other people say, whether you believe them or not. You’d still knock yourself blind.

It’s human nature don’t worry.  Amazingly normal.  Only to a certain degree of course, don’t get me wrong.

Consider EQ – it is your saving grace. Follow through with realism, it leads to acceptance and freedom.

Well, I am not discrediting Divine Intervention or Spiritual awakening. I am being a generalist. I consider being emotionally sound is also spiritually in tuned – somehow.  Do not forget that God wants you to do something more aside from just praying, crying and feeling sorry for yourself.

Another mistake to cover one’s confusion and discontentment:

  • You start clinging to someone or something.

Then your world would start to crumble because you realized you are alone. You drive yourself too hard to have a company, to belong and to be loved. Why can’t you even enjoy having coffee or going to the mall by yourself?Sometimes you go to the extent of even compromising too much of that one thing which makes us unique – Pride and Principle.

Once you realize that everything starts from singular form before it goes to plural form, things will be easier. Plus, not all words have  plural forms. Sometimes a singular word is enough to define itself. Maybe you don’t need someone in order to define yourself too – or maybe soon but not now.

We always want to share it with someone – family, friend, sweetheart, or your pet. You never really counted on yourself as your friend or family member. I am not an introvert or a loner. However, you really cannot focus on yourself if you are too attached with something else.

Look at this extreme scenario:

If these people and pet around you, all of a sudden just wants to go to Mars – which you happen to think as weird and crazy, will you go with them? It “can be” so lonely being left alone anyway, but is it okay to be miserable swallowing something that isn’t your taste?

Your choice. As long as you have yourself and you know what you want – someone will definitely join you, someone who probably shares the same weird interest as yours. Or better – can share new things that interests you.

This is life’s wonderful way of saying – Take it! It’s Yours! (thanks to the Lions for this line of immortality – Achilles)

Sometimes, we need to be in tuned with ourselves to be an individual. You have to know who you are, because someone who’s lost don’t deserve a companion that you will only drag into your world of confusion. You can both love the same things – but both of you has different ways of seeing it. Without  knowing who you are, don’t expect others would – happiness will be hard to define and contentment is very distant.

This book of Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love is very inspiring. It’s about finding the courage and loyalty to yourself so you can survive. When you fall, you get back up, cry, do more stupid things, and cry all the more. What matters is – you accept that its time to get your act straight and face yourself. It is about moving on despite the bruises and taking a chance again.

The hardest battle is – You.  And You have to win, no matter what.

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