The Next BIG Thing.

But Do We See It?

It starts today.  What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?  Is it – how lovely your day ended before sleeping last night, or how bad the dinner was, maybe how amazing it felt when your boss agreed with your project, or probably how great the party was? It’s a lot of things, good or bad, money or life. But it all comes down to – What happened before you sleep. Why? We have different reasons.  The most common is:

 “So I’d know what to do today…” OR “So next time I’ll do better than how I did last night/yesterday/last week/last month or year…or when that day I was born…etc…”

These are all valid and unquestionable.  As a matter of fact, our reasoning is the one that dictates our individualism.  Because of that, no one can say you are wrong without being so personal about it. Often times, we get hurt and resist the truth the moment we hear it – That’s personality and attitude working. Doing something about it is character, but how we do it is where substance and depth comes in.  Is there really a right approach on seeing things so we can all be successful?  I’ve asked myself that question, twice in my life, that’s when I had two major disappointments – career wise.  I asked that question the 1st time it happened.  Going back and analyzing where I messed up. Seriously, I tried to correct my flaws, to avoid it from happening again. Well, I did say I had two major disappointments right? I know a lot of people who did the same thing. You probably may have done it too.  Still, we end up with another blow of disappointment.  Is there really such thing as bad luck? No way. Life is a circle, good things happen after a bad one passes. So, what’s wrong?  The answer:  Why bother?

Once we stop thinking of what happened last night the 1st thing when we wake up in the morning. That’s the moment we stop thinking of what we did wrong.  You stop making your life redundant, so are those mistakes from happening again.  Why would you want to go back and analyze something that failed? There is only one thing that’s obvious, and it’s not about what caused you to fail. It is only because you did not give your best or may have thought so – but it wasn’t good enough. This allows you to recognize your faults and not spending too much time analyzing bits and pieces of a fallen endeavor.  When you wake up in the morning, and your first thought is last night or yesterday or 3 years ago – You are not growing, you’re stuck without knowing you are living a “stuck up” life.  Because what we think is what we invoke.  Our mind is powerful than our spirit and heart, and what your mind believes, your spirit and heart follows. It reflects on how we act and behave; therefore, the evidence is what we have become.  Don’t start planning your day based on yesterdays’ events.  If everything is doing well, then you are lucky. Like it or not, it will still continue to be okay or good until the wheel of fate turns.  So what will you do? Wait until it comes? Or start living the next big thing? Life is never permanent. The key to adapt to it is to be stronger – enough to be carried away.  Start thinking of today and never be a shadow of last night or yesterday. For once, when you wake up, look outside.  Don’t look at yourself first. You have been so caught up with your own small life, in your own small world.  It’s a big world and a big life outside, if you want to see the next big thing. It will allow you to stop looking backwards, and analyzing your faults. Instead, it will give you the key to what you need to do to avoid mistakes – again. Why would you prepare for something that happened already? When in fact, when you live with the rest of the world, you’ll see where things are heading and you can plan and analyze your next moves – moving forward. That is where Individualism gets defined. If we see things happening in this perspective, it allows a positive attitude or personality. After planning your moves, you create a course of action, which in turn describes your character as a person.  Having done this, whatever the result is – good or bad; no one can question your substance and depth as a person. You are the only one who can define it.  Most would probably disagree, but I believe that success is relative to happiness.  The result is only successful, based on a persons’ definition of “substantial and meaningful” others will see success as material or evident, but some who has more depth, would see it as a discovery of oneself, good and bad.

Einstein once said, he have tried 99 times and failed, but if he kept on thinking and going back on the failures, he wouldn’t have discovered that by the hundredth – he will succeed.  If he thought of failures, he would not have had the strength or will to continue.  Again, in the end, we only have to prove it to ourselves before we can prove it to the world. The crap is – In his 100th attempt, he considers it a success, but others – even up to now, thinks there is a better way or a better formula, and worst – disagrees. Sometimes, you think it’s great and that you have succeeded, but the world may frown on your statement. I say, we live our lives together with the open world, follow its course and movement, plan and work on our motives depending on its’ pace. Never looking back, as the past can never be re-lived.  But when the time comes that you have to assess the result of your actions – You only have yourself to listen to. Happiness and success based on material evidence can also be a defining factor for failure.

The next big thing – is out there, you just have to start recognizing it by living in the present and preparing for what is to come. Take courage in facing what is ahead, success is in the present and future. If we keep looking back, that is because we are afraid to face the next big thing – which we all are aware of. Staring at Us.


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