Grown Ups!

Men And Friendship

I was checking on a list of Torrents to download – Fine, I am a regular person with regular habits. I am an anti-piracy advocate. Going back, I decided I want a good laugh so I sorted out Adam Sandler‘s flicks – he is one of my fave, when God showered the world with humor – he was outside sun-bathing. Crazy. I bumped into Grown Ups – if I am not mistaken, he co – produced this under his Happy Madison TM. Full brand of comic relief and moral lesson. Really, no man is an island – and men are a perfect statement for this cliché. With all my heart – I find it really appealing. Women, not generalizing, but a majority, have lesser chances of having long-term friendship bond unlike men.

I can cite a few instance base on life stories I’ve heard. Majority of my guy friends, have best friends – way back their grade school or high school days. Despite their manly attributes, I find it touching. Over time and distance, they still communicate, the best part is – when they see each other after 5 years, they talk like it’s only been yesterday! Okay, they are not gay. I came from an all girls school from elementary ’til college, how can I not know the difference right? I still bump into best friends many times, but I never felt that type of bond or connection. Call it a halo but really, sometimes girls will still have the compete and knock her down attitude. Again, not generalizing, but I am not going to say – it’s just me, because girls openly state it with other girlfriends’. Statement like – “…You know what, I’ve seen Cheerleader # 2 yesterday! OMG she is so fat now…” (she is by the way Cheerleader # 4, and they have shared PJ’s for 4 years – same dormitory). This is my favorite, I asked my guy friends how many best friends’ they have or had in a span of 10 years, consider moving or being relocated, married, or imprisoned. I got a minimum of 1, and the most at 2! Amazing. Girls ratio however, shows; all throughout secondary and tertiary school 10:5; after college and finding a job – 10:8; got a job til they get married – 10:10; and married life 10:12! Brutal. There are some hard truths why this happens – and it’s all because of the fact that Women are more emotional than Men. I know it’s still vague. Women, being emotional, and more vocal about how they feel, always need a girl friend who will sympathize and listen to rantings (If I am the friend – it’s tiresome). While guys, aren’t too vocal even though they are being emotional – so no reason to talk, no reason to bug best buddy, and more likely be missed. Unlike with women, the more upsetting their situation is, the more vulnerable they become, and the higher chances of looking for a “support group” (take note, not just “a friend or friends”)- as the ratio on married women went up to 10:12. The supply becomes critical because the demand is just outrageous. This last dig is probably going to close it – Men, when they marry become less visible to friends, not only because they are so busy about their family life, but also because – sharing and friend bonding time is good times for them. They don’t screw up a good baseball or basketball game with their best buds, just to plainly complain about how their marriage sucks. It takes 2 bottles of beer before that happen. When they both wake up – they’ve forgotten about the crap talk, and only remembers the game they watched and how drunk they were.

About the movie – It is very realistic. Men, when it comes to friendship is very solid. It’s funny but responsible. I’ll make a fair statement for both Men and Women – People come and go, those who stays, chose to stay, those who does not – were not given a choice. I believe, that if you value one person, you will do anything, to make them stay and be a part of your life forever. You don’t wait for a situation, or a crisis to call on a friend. The truth is – they may never wait for your call or would even think you will, why? because there is always a better friend out there.



3 thoughts on “Grown Ups!

  1. The lesson has been cooked well..and i believe its so amazing that this will add flavor to grown up’s life..proud of you…

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