Product Review: Inhaling Sickness! Let’s Use HEPA Filters.

The Air That We Breathe

Can you imagine inhaling a very bad carbon dioxide?

Isn’t that flammable? The brain cell gets toasted, suddenly losing trigonometry and physics from high school.

It can make you dumb or stupid – I embraced that thought ever since I was a kid. Of course, that is not the case – not deadly and won’t make one dumb, but is not an excuse to release one in a room full of people.

I don’t plan to discuss “farting and carbon dioxide” in this article, however, it is very relative to breathing and living.

Human take in oxygen and emits carbon dioxide which is beneficial to other species – plants to be exact. If we take in something that is not beneficial to us, then it is harmful. Unfortunately for humans, we don’t wither and die easily if we take in something harmful – cigarette, alcohol, spoiled food, bacteria and viruses – our system fight and it makes health struggle, we die slow and painful. We get cancer of all types and diseases of different kind.

In order to make us immune and healthy – we supply our system with enough Vitamins and health boosting supplements, eat and live a healthy lifestyle, and manage to see our family doctor for regular check up.

Are we guaranteed a long and healthy life then? No. Ouch! That’s a lot of spending and health conscious effort!The thing is, we are not babies inside of our mother’s womb. A fetus does not breathe inside its mother’s womb. The first cry after birth is the first attempt of the baby to breathe. Welcome to air pollution and airborne diseases.

There are studies that shows infants being deformed and mentally retarded because mothers got exposed to air pollutants while pregnant.

Let me paste this article I copied from Oxford Journals –

Recently, studies conducted in different countries such as China, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States related ambient air pollution to adverse birth outcomes, specifically low birth weight, intrauterine growth retardation, preterm birth, and fetal mortality (19). Our previous studies indicated that exposure to high concentrations of carbon monoxide during the last trimester of pregnancy may increase the risk of being of low weight for term birth and that exposure to carbon monoxide and particulate matter <10 μm in aerodynamic diameter (PM10) either shortly after conception or before birth may trigger preterm birth (1011). Risks of several common birth defects including neural tube defects, oral clefts, and cardiovascular defects may be influenced by exposure to environmental contaminants (12).

Well, it is one of the many reason why we have to be aware that the Air we breathe can also be the Air that can harm us.

We are taking so much effort in making our bodies healthy;

  • Protecting our immune system
  • eating healthy and right
  • living a balanced lifestyle

Also, we have these tendencies;

  • forget to clean the AC filter
  • going to crowded places where all airborne viruses cannot be seen
  • living in a dirty environment

Oops! It is basically cleaning the inside of your house but forgetting that the trash is just outside of the yard!

The air that we breathe is the main reason why we are alive, scientifically, if we breathe properly, we pump the right amount of blood necessary, for the heart to distribute it to the body in adequate amount. We just need clean air to live healthy. It doesn’t have to be so costly and rigorous.

Most common reason why we get sick is this scenario;

  • A guy went to work – as usual, spent 8-9 hours in the office, went home sniffing and the next day he starts coughing, then by night-time – hammering 39 degrees body temperature. It is Flu.

He didn’t work so hard that’s why he got sick, he did not forget to take his 1000 mg daily dose of Vit C. He just happen to be sitting right beside a colleague who just had flu. Right across the room, someone is coughing so badly too. The office have a centralized AC – virus is just there in the room joining the oxygen particle right through his lungs.

This is very common, the company doctor cannot be blamed, because before he knew it, the virus has spread in less than 24 hours – he wouldn’t know.

I spoke to some doctors and asked them the best way to protect ourselves from these viruses. They said they can only give preventive drugs and advises or a list of vitamins and supplement.

I asked if that is enough and if they find all of those substantial, they said – “…Is there anything else? or any other option?…”

Truth is, doctors works almost 16-24 hours and more in a particular shift. Like us, they are more exposed to virus and airborne diseases – first hand contact to cure one patient. As they say, they are not immune too.

Being a severe asthma patient way back elementary years, its hell.

My parents have tried a lot of things to prevent allergens and humid air from causing a severe asthma attack. I ended up having my Salbutamol inhaler as my saving grace. One day my dad came home with an air ionizer – did not help, ozonators and humidifiers – which he later on reported as “flop” due to high concentrations.

It can be toxic to air-borne bacteria, and may destroy or kill these sometimes infectious organisms. However, the needed concentrations are toxic enough to humans and animals that the FDA in the United States explicitly demands ozone therapy not be used as medical treatment, and has taken action against businesses that fail to comply with this regulation. 

It’s a highly toxic and extremely reactive gas and can damage the lungs and olfactory bulb cells directly.

Check this research about a dynamic component which was endorsed and was given sustainable guarantee by some US Consumer Report Group;

Consumer Reports, a non-profit U.S.-based product-testing magazine, reported in October 2003 that air ionisers do not perform to high enough standards compared to conventional HEPA filters. The exception was a combination unit that used a fan to move air while ionizing it. In response to this report, The Sharper Image, a manufacturer of air ionisers (among other products), sued Consumer’s Union (the publishers of Consumer Reports) for product defamation. Consumer Reports gave the Ionic Breeze and other popular units a “fail” because they have a low Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). CADR measures the amount of filtered air circulated during a short period of time, and was originally designed to rate media-based air cleaners. The Sharper Image claimed that this test was a poor way to rate the Ionic Breeze, since it does not take into account other features, such as 24-hour a day continuous cleaning, ease of maintenance, and silent operation. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California subsequently struck down The Sharper Image’s complaint and dismissed the case, reasoning that The Sharper Image had failed to demonstrate that it could prove any of the statements made by Consumer Reports were false. The Court’s final ruling in May 2005 ordered The Sharper Image to pay US$ 525,000 for Consumer Union’s legal expenses.[7]

This is from

They did mention – “…do not perform to high enough standards compared to conventional HEPA filters…” That’s it.

HEPA Filters will do the job efficiently without risk. I was introduced into a certain product that converts the HEPA Filters ability to remove air bacteria that causes sickness and airborne disease epidemic.

The question is;

Is this something that can be maintained and sustained at little costs in a longer span of time? Yes.

The product is very compact and cost-friendly. The first time I heard about this, I approached a couple of doctor friends and asked about their opinion, if this is something they’d recommend and will use themselves? Yes – they want one in their hospitals and in their houses, schools should have it, crowded places and establishment needs it.

Clean Virus-Free Air should be a campaign, the same way health supplements, vitamins and health related products are endorsed and advertised. Most sickness is in the air even before a fetus is born until the time it becomes a grown man. No matter how self-conscious we are in making our internal body healthy  – we are still going to get sick because we have poor air quality.

Health is wealth. We need to be healthy so we can be productive. There is a product called Alen Air Purifier, it uses an effective and accurate component called HEPA Filter. They launched the product in US, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia, and soon in the Philippines.

Check out the list of Airborne Diseases at

Below are photos of Alen Air Purifiers.


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  2. here comes my lady whose sincere research have brought the fact of living a healthy life..and a life without good air is as good a dead man’s paradise.Its true that breathing is necessary to live and to breathe good air is badly needed….hats up to your here goes the 5 star for a star..

  3. I’m not sure where you are getting your info, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this info for my mission.

    • Are you into car shows and events? I saw your site, and I’ve seen some shots on some events. I did some of that before, organizing events for restored and customized cars. I got tired. SO I stopped, but I still fancy cars 😛 What is your mission? Mine is to promote a healthy environment by being engaged in environmental products and biz, such as HEPA Filtering system for homes and establishments, and a Fuel Treatment product for vehicles that lessens the consumption of gas and emission of air pollutants.

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