What Is Your Blog Objective – Followers or Viewers?


I woke up this morning with so many email – work, twitter, stumbleUpon, digg, tumblr, wordpress – all of them. It made my day, one particular spam made me write this article. It is a realization, I was given an advise on how I can drive traffic into my site by going into a certain website, back links and being on top of google searches etc.  I honestly appreciated it – unfortunately, she is barking on a wrong tree. You see –  and I would say I am not the only one who will agree on this, why it made my day when I woke up with my social emails is – it is not fake, no force, and no special techie effort on my site traffic, and I am proud of my small group of followers. You can bawl all you like but that is my stand – I have a purpose when I created my site 4 months back, and it is still the same up to now. Yes, It Depends!Four/five months ago there had been a major set back with work, it became all too confusing and chaotic. Being a company Director – it has always been. So caught up with work and no time for life and balance. I needed a release. A forum or place where I can air all other thoughts aside from work, sometimes you can talk it through a friend or colleague, but they have a life too. Having no partner to share it with, its exhilarating keeping all those things in your head. So I decided to try WordPress and I have found a listener. It feels good to drop all your thoughts into a nice diary – I think I am a lot older for one so I now have a blog site. Do I care if someone listens or reads what I wrote? NO. I just want to say it by writing. This is not a website for marketing or an online shop, my site is not a book that is published, which requires a number of sales and revenue. I am tired of work and because of this site and some good ones that I follow personally – I come to appreciate my job again. This is a rehabilitation for me. When someone “liked” or “commented” or “followed” an article I posted – that’s a candy and a chocolate bar for me, I’d even pop a balloon for you.

See, bloggers, article writers, or site owners may have different reason why they maintain their site. Whatever that is – we respect it. If you aim to gain Followers – then you know you need to be consistent, or else they’d stop following your site. If you aim to have Viewers or Likers – that can be short-lived – they just happen to stumble on your site and probably appreciated your layout or graphics – probably, just probably the article contents, however we don’t know if they digested or if it made an impact in their lives. If an article and a site made an impact on mine – it means I fully digested the contents, and I would like to hear more – I will follow. Again, that’s me talking. I have sites that I follow and all of them are my favorites because they made sense, it is more than just informative – but super informative, theme and layout is perfect, and most importantly it describes the authors’ personality. You will know the author just by reading through his work. I love all of them, and yes when I get an email that they posted something new – I read all of it. I make honest comments, if I don’t like it – I don’t hit the “like” button. It is very simple right, no fuss. I was told that some would like or follow just to be liked and be followed – Wow! that is whack. You are losing the importance of reading a book and writing one will be a flop – Why so? where’s the substance on how you live it? Living, meaning – not faking.

Do you need Followers or Viewers? We need both, one needs to “view” it first before realizing they will “follow”. So then do we need to get those back linking magic to be on top searches? Again, it depends. I have always followed what’s conservative and conventional, I may add a little liberated approach like maintain a twitter or Linkedin, DiggPinterest, StumbleUpon etc – but it should not be so much of an effort for me. I came here to air my thoughts and not be a prison of my site stats. Sometimes you  just have to watch it grow organically. People will like and follow what they feel sensible. We can lose all the drama of being an artist or writer, but the fact remains that you have a site where you publish what you write and collaborate it with pictures and words that describes you as an artist – in your own right. I read a Digg article this morning – When’s an Artist an Artist? – Same question implies to When’s a Writer a Writer? – I commented; Once they stop trying. It is innate. It is a character projected by ones’ personality, therefore reflected on ones’ work. It should be effortless. You live it, you exudes it.

With all the help of the social media sites, you can organically grow truly interested followers and viewers. What we should Aim for is – Self Contentment that you can air what’s in your mind.

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