let’s party – Greek style

Woot woot! No better way! This is something to look forward to when I visit 😉 I’ll share your post. Again, this is a good one. Thanks a lot!


It’s party time – 32 parties, to be exact.  As most of you probably have heard by now, Greeks vote on Sunday for a new government.  They’ll be voting for 300 Parliament seats; the new Parliament will choose a Prime Minister, President, etc., so this is the big election.  It’s the equivalent of Americans electing the President and the entire Senate and House of Representatives all on the same day.

Thirty six parties applied to run in the election; thirty two were approved by the Greek Supreme Court.  Not all 32 are on the ballot in every prefecture (a prefecture is like a state – there are 51 prefectures).  In S’s prefecture, there are about 20 parties on the ballot.  Some of the parties are just so small that they weren’t able to get onto every ballot.

Even when you only have 20 parties to choose from, it’s still a…

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