Zen Today: The World is You.

If this is true, then all of us would’ve been great men and women of our time. So easy and yet so hard to live up to. So they say, only those with great minds and the purest intentions – who fight and stand by for what they believe, despite the obstacles – have the chance to change not only their world, but others too.

A man’s life is basically only a reflection of what he imagined himself to be, if he is not living a life he ought to have – that is because he lacks the conviction to give himself a chance. Instead he chose to just live it – like the rest of the world, it can be so tiring and for some, it’s a lot easier to simply give in.

As it stand; there is only one question, and that is – To Be or Not to Be? We have to find the courage and conviction to live up to our own expectations & aspirations. We were given a chance, the assurance of happiness and victory, we are also warned that it will not be easy.


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