Where & What In Puglia, Italy?

Italy has a shape like that of a Woman’s Boots…

What is so unique about Italy? A lot, but the most that I know of is its geographical landscape. Check the Map. The shape is like the other pair of a  woman’s boots (type of footwear) I am not really certain if that is a woman’s, but I guess the heel is very prominent.

I know there are so many things about Italy, so many distinct places to visit. It’s very unique when you talk about architecture and landscape, it describes the “mood” – romantic and classic. You don’t see a lot of “restorations” and “development” such as theirs.

The Majestic Caves in Puglia…

I fancy visiting the most renowned places like Venice and Florence – when time and money permits. Unfortunately, while the plan is still way off and indefinite – I stumbled into another city which is now on top of Florence and Venice in my head. It is called Puglia. How can one imagine sleeping in a cave hotel room or having a cave bathroom? What about partying and dining in a cave bar or restaurant? This is not your usual travel and accommodation experience. Exploring the nature has gone beyond just a sight that you enjoy watching – in Puglia, you can experience and feel it. I added some links and photos to peak one’s interest. I look forward to seeing this place in the near future.

Stay Here.

Masseria Torre – Place to Stay

If you Like to Have a Cave Bathroom – Le Grotto Della Civita is a Place to stay.

Explore Places. Party & Dine At Puglia Cave Bar&Resto. Castellana Caves.



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