The Hunter Synopsis

Vineyards of Sonoma  The Hunter EBook Series

The Hunter EBook Series Publishing

The Hunter eBook: The Hunter is an Erotic Romance novel set during the 1960’s in the Old and Classic Northern California. In the middle of politics and wine plantations of Sonoma and Napa Valley, a silent conflict that kills is a hidden secret between powerful families that reached all across Europe, Spain and the whole US. It paved the way to open flames of desire, danger and lies.

Entwined by politics and death surrounded by wealth, beauty and hatred. The rich and powerful are both hunter and prey. It is a game of hunt where every strong and powerful family is guarded by a Hunter in their bloodlines.

Who is really The Hunter and Prey in a game of unyielding desire, ecstasy and passion? Will the line of Hunters continue to reign in a battle of survival and power? Find out how the three hunters fulfill their oath to their ancestors, wealth and women.

Check out the pre-promotional site for a Sneak on Chapter 1 Page 1 (R-18 Content) by following the link.


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