The Hunter’s Bloodline Series

The Hunter’s Bloodline Series.

The first of The Hunter three-part series.

The Hunter: Clive Keating is the first of The Hunter three-part series. Clive swore to the creed and principle as the Hunter of his family, he is tasked to fulfill his responsibilities being the third generation of the pioneers who build Sonoma County in its splendor. With his desire to avenge the death of his brother and mother, and the preservation of their bloodline among the other powerful clans, he found the prize of his hunt – Andrea Townsend, the only daughter and younger sister of the Hunter who almost destroyed his family. They both discover the erotic desires which never cease to make them both captives. Hunter and Prey – the two of them are the prize in the game of hunt where every strong and powerful is determined by the Hunter in their bloodline. Will they turn their back once they discover they are a part of the deception and manipulation? Will they give in to passion and fire in exchange for principle, heritage and survival? Is there really a Hunter and Prey in a game of unyielding desire, ecstasy and passion – or is it just finding forgiveness and true love amidst the pain and revenge?


A Prisoner of Desire

How much he hated and wanted her is something he cannot understand. It is like a disease that consumes him body and soul. How can everything about her torment him? Her long dark brown hair that falls down her smooth back, her almond eyes that ignites fire within him, her lipsthat throws hatred and pain makes him lose his reserve. He is burning with her presence, how much he wants to strangle her with passionate kisses and flaming hands is unbearable. He can feel his raw need and clenched his fist. If only he can kiss her again to make her shut up now. He had taken her captive as a prize her father and brother needs to pay. Clive Keating is her hunter, but now he is Andrea Townsend’s prey and he is a prisoner of his own desires.

A Sneak on Chapter 1

Part 1 

She is struggling in his arms and hitting him with her fists nonstop. Her teeth digging painfully at his fingers that covers her mouth to keep her from shouting. Clive is holding her, trying to gather his strength. The young woman in his arms stands two feet smaller but she fights him like the devil. He can only see the eyes of his hunt in the moonlit night and feel her soft body pressed fighting against him. From the darkness he can smell her breath and hiss of anger; she is wearing a red low-necked gown and a mask for the masquerade ball. Her lips were too red and full meant to entice almost all hot-blooded species out there. Her skin is alabaster white in contrast to her dark hair and eyes. What turns him on is her defiant gazes and stubborn air. Even now she is challenging every bit of control he has. Her velvet scarlet gown is already torn in sleeves exposing cleavage and perfect mounds of breasts. She bit his fingers too tight then let out a wail of scream amidst the noise and music from the hall inside. With her nails scratching him and fist hitting his face, he grabbed then pinned her against the wall. He heard her curses – ‘You bastard! Let go of me! I swear I’ll make sure your head will be on a plate before this evening ends!” – Clive felt a jolt of pain from his groin where she had kicked him. He lost it there; with all the demons in him he can no longer contain his rage. He managed to keep his hands off of her for almost two weeks – from the time he started to watch this young woman from a distance and since that day he’d last seen her in the Orchard vineyard – naked and taunting him with her innocence and rejection. Until tonight when they danced during the Masquerade Ball he played the Prince Charming role while he kept his desire in check. She is so painfully beautiful and sensual. He started to kiss her open mouth of protests and shouts, wanting to keep her still and shut up but he couldn’t concentrate on that anymore. Her wet open mouth is too much for him; he kissed her hard and ravished her tongue demanding it to open for him. He could not pull away, her hands keep hitting him so he pinned her to the wall. He is biting her lips and silent moans of hunger rapture him. He can feel his hot desire and her soft submission when her hands stopped from fighting and went up to caress his hair then trail down his neck. Her body and constant struggles of protest had pressed his groins and made it so hard which is now making him crazy. Clive reached for her thighs against the masquerade gown she’s wearing, feeling her hot skin beneath the sheer stockings. He cannot take her here, not now and not as sweet as this. He stopped his hands from moving into her full breast which is almost exposed from his ragged and swift onslaught. He did not understand what just happened. He caught sight of how they look while one of his hands is on her breasts and the other is holding her thighs up, high enough to expose legs and gain entry to ecstasy. He is almost ready to take her there standing without thought of anything except how good she feels in his arms. Looking into her eyes, lips and breasts – he tries to stop his ragged breathing. He needs to control himself in order to accomplish this job as planned. He is a professional Hunter. He had dealt with rich young women and girls – all beautiful and he is their worst nightmare. They paid for their father’s ill gotten fortunes, served as payments and ransoms for all their black dealing, treachery and manipulations. But all of it was never something like this. She is his nemesis and equal. His confusion was only barely, her eyes are also burning with hate and passion, until he felt her biting his lips too hard until he tasted blood. She is punishing and hurting him now, trying to inflict as much pain as she can – but he is amused, he laughed and covered her mouth and nose with a handkerchief –“Time to sleep my passionate princess; you don’t have to fight me. You know as well as I do – you liked it too.”  She fought for a few seconds and dozed off…

Page 1


The Hunter Series:

The Hunter: Clive Keating
The Hunter: Thomas Keating
The Hunter: Morgan Townsend

This eBook will be out on Oct 2012.


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