A Glimpse of Phuket, Thailand | SG Summer, Summer Ideas & Tips

Personally, this island is a favorite amongst all the great ones. This paradise is an island that has no land boundaries with the size of Singapore. It is also Thailand’s largest island and is connected to mainland Thailand by two bridges, which is situated off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Phuket’s wealth came from tin and rubber, with seemingly enjoyable and rich, colorful history. The island being one of the major trading routes between India and China, is very famous in foreign ship logs of Portuguese, French, Dutch and English traders way back its era. Now, the island generates most of their income from tourism as the paradise to be explored.

Phuket is typically mountainous with a mountain range in the west of the island from the north to the south. The mountains of Phuket form the southern end of the Phuket mountain ranges sprawled for 440 kilometers from the Kra Isthmus. The highest elevation of the island is Mai Thao Sip Song known as the Twelve Canes at 1,736 ft above sea level. The total area is estimated at 220sq mi that includes the province’s other islets. Phuket is also accessible in Bangkok that is only 863 km south. Its topology is incomparable having 70 percent of its area covered with mountains, stretching from north to south, with the 30 percent being plains located in the central and eastern parts of the island. Amazingly, there are a total of 9 brooks and creeks but does not have any major rivers.

The western coast is mostly sandy beaches, while on the east coast beaches are more often muddy. Near the southernmost point is Laem Promthep or calles as Brahma’s Cape, which is a popular sunset viewing point. In the mountainous north of the island is the Khao Phra Thaeo Non-hunting Area, with more than 20 km² of rainforest. The three highest peaks of this reserve are the Khao Prathiu, Khao Bang Pae and Khao Phara. The Sirinat National Park on the northwestern coast protects an area of 90 square kilometers of marine area that includes the Nai Yang beach where sea turtles lay their eggs.

Most visited tourist spots in the areas will be discussed separately in next articles. To give a brief insight of what they are, we will name a few starting with one of the most popular tourist areas, which is Patong Beach on the central western coast, perhaps owing to the easy access to its wide and long beach. Most of Phuket’s nightlife and its cheap shopping can be seen in Patong. The area has become increasingly developed. Another is the beaches located south of Patong, which are the Karon BeachKata BeachKata Noi Beach, and around the southern tip of the island, Nai Harn Beach and Rawai. To the north of Patong are Kamala Beach,Surin Beach and Bang Tao Beach. These areas are generally much less developed than Patong, and sought out by individuals, families and other groups with a preference for more relaxed and less crowded environment than Patong. There are many islands to the southeast, including Bon Island, just a short boat trip away. There are several coral islands to the south of Phuket, the Similan Islands lie to the North West, and Phi Phi Islands to the south east. Islanders engage in a lively tourist trade, catering to snorkellers and scuba divers here. All of these scenic places will be featured on separate articles.

Phuket is what you can call the Green and Blue in its darker shades, which means abundance of life and habitat. If you watch the Hangover 2 movie with Bradley Cooper, you will see Phuket’s great scenery while they ride a speedboat from Bangkok.

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