Agoda Picks: The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort

Agoda Picks: The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort.

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The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort

KM 48 Persimpangan Bertingkat Lebuhraya Karak, Bukit Tinggi, Berjaya Hills, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 28750 (Show on map)
Very attentive services, first class treatment ever…
Eiap, Malaysia  January 03, 2013

Let us try something different in the busy life of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Today’s Agoda Pick sits on panoramic view of the city and the Genting Highlands. Not a very typical hotel and resort, unquestionably one of the best in KL, boasting a 5 Star recognition. This Organic and Wellness Hotel offers Spa Treatments suing Salt! We consider this a perfect and not an ordinary getaway for those who wants a peaceful and very refreshing KL Vacation. Hotel is running on promotion with Agoda and deals applies on this Post.


Hummingbird Cake

Oh wow! Look at this 😛 the instruction and recipe doesn’t look complex! I think I can try this! Thank You 🙂 I reblogged your post – share it to everyone 😉

Baker on the Rise

I was looking for a dessert to bring to my family’s Easter party and a recipe for Hummingbird Cake graced my computer screen. Bingo! I had to bake this! This three layer cake with cinnamon, pecan, pineapple, bananas, and cream cheese frosting is not to be missed. Every reference to the cake I found stated it’s already been wildly popular for decades, especially in the South.

I love the history of this cake. It goes not only by Hummingbird Cake but also by The Cake that Doesn’t Last, Nothing Left Cake, and Granny’s Best Cake. It’s exact origins remain a mystery.

The general consensus seems to be that the first printed reference to Hummingbird Cake appeared in the 1978 issue of Southern Livingmagazine submitted by a Mrs. L.H. Wiggins. Southern Living magazine claims it’s their most requested recipe and the cake is cherished all across the South.

According to Food Timeline other…

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Inhaling Sickness!

We Should All Be Aware.

It's Cookie's Time!

The Air That We Breathe

Can you imagine inhaling a very bad carbon dioxide?

Isn’t that flammable? The brain cell gets toasted, suddenly losing trigonometry and physics from high school.

It can make you dumb or stupid – I embraced that thought ever since I was a kid. Of course, that is not the case – not deadly and won’t make one dumb, but is not an excuse to release one in a room full of people.

I don’t plan to discuss “farting and carbon dioxide” in this article, however, it is very relative to breathing and living.

Human take in oxygen and emits carbon dioxide which is beneficial to other species – plants to be exact. If we take in something that is not beneficial to us, then it is harmful. Unfortunately for humans, we don’t wither and die easily if we take in something harmful – cigarette, alcohol…

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The HemLoft, A Secret Tree House in the Canadian Woods

Nice! I’d like one of this 🙂 I guess there isn’t too much rain and sun there – which makes it perfect and healthy. I think you have the right “chi”. Great work!

Former Canadian software developer and current carpenter Joel Allen built a beautiful egg-shaped tree house, The HemLoft, in the woods near Whistler, British Columbia.

The exact location of the house is a secret because Allen built it on Crown lands (government property) without permission.

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positano: a happy accident of the greatest proportions

This is one great place to explore. Great blog and photos!

E A T & R E L I S H

“”Positano bites deep…..It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” — John Steinbeck

The longest and most enjoyable stretch of our trip was all, as it would come to be, a very happy accident.  Five nights and six days spent in London, Rye, and Paris had flown by to become a jumbled memory of pints, fish and chips, wine, and macaroons, leaving us with weary feet begging for a break and a cloudy fog of jet lag threatening to turn us into unwitting narcoleptics.  We said our goodbyes to the 7th arrondissement in the early morning hours, and packed up our bags to head to the Paris Orly airport, tickets in hand for a 7:30AM departure time on a flight destined for Rome.  As we pulled into the airport and I switched on my iPhone’s…

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One day I will visit this place.

2hoursaweek1imageaday's Blog

TriBeCa is a chic, urban, family oriented neighbourhood with plenty of character….        Like SoHo, it is dominated by industrial buildings that have been converted to residential…though not as nearly as commercial and therefor still very much of a neighbourhood.

Home to Tribeca Film Festival (underway)…  Family Street Fair is on Saturday (4.30 10-6) – a great fun event (lots of free top-notch activities)…

Notable spots in the neighbourhood –


Laughing Man is my new fav place – my friend, who brought me there described it as a jewel box – and it is ! the coffee is delicious, and the tiny place is filled with good vibes. Very chic… 184 Duane, between Greenwich and Hudson. It’s also one of the most charming alleys.

Kaffe 1668 – THE place to have a good fresh roasted coffee and to hang out (for hours) with your laptop (or…

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