From a Pro Copywriter to a Novice Copywriter. Don’t fill the Internet with Rubbish.

From a Pro Copywriter to a Novice Copywriter. Don’t fill the Internet with Rubbish..


The Inspiration Behind The Hunters’ Bloodline Series

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The Inspiration Behind The Hunters’ Bloodline Plot

I have always been a fan and a curious follower of the United States and its political parties. Compared to what we have in my government, we have a lot, more than five and I have heard Greece have about 20-50 plus!(I still need to find out how many are there really. However, based on the Aljazeera Article I read, the 2012 elections had 32 political parties.) While America stands solid with only two – The Republicans and Democrats all these years. I wondered if it has anything to do with the people and allies or supporters behind it. I love the American Civil War era, writing The Hunters’ Bloodline made me dig more into the heart of what unifies two solid government parties – with solid truths on history and research about California, I collaborated the twist between the political controversy of the rich and powerful, and then the conflicts between characters making it a romance inspired fiction. The concept is Narrative using a Third person in both subjective and omniscient style. It does have some expository element, but more of the introspective. Unlike other novels, it does not have a lot of dialogue between characters. The expression of feelings, sensations and emotions are more “defined and detailed” – sensual and erotic so to say, than your regular romance novel.

The story revolves around the strongest influence and supporter of the Republican Party and their political counterpart, which are the Democrats. Again, this is fiction. The characters, situation, and incidents do not pertain to a specific individual, family, or government in real life. Although, it happened during 1960’s, wherein Nixon and Kennedy ran against each other, the involvement of Politicians from both parties are not the spotlight. It is their supporters and its influence since the time of the Mexican-American War and the Annexation, making California and its people a part of the US as one country. This is not to question or to put controversy on their integrity and political agendas. It is purely because California had been and still is one of the strongest states supporting Republicans, and with their Wine Plantations all across Sonoma – a historical city, their passion, lifestyle, and ancestry, complements a good setting for a romance novel.

It is a fight for continuity of lineage and ancestry, which builds a political balance in a unified country making US stand firm until the present times. The first series introduces the Hunter’s ancestry and unification within their bloodline by marriage of the two heroes. The second book focuses on their plot in facing their enemy who happens to be the supporters and lineage of the Democrats. It deals with resolving the conflict between the two; the story will surround two heroes who are from opposing parties, and is the main bond that will close the gap, making politics bearable and lasting until the modern days. The last book on the other hand narrates on how both the bloodlines became allies and supporters of the political parties, going back to their pillars during 1800-1900’s. The series are concentrated on two opposing forces with heroes as lovers, which come from different sides and both fight for their lineage, their principle, and their passion, in the end united, and strengthened, thus making it a romance novel with explicit expressions of lovemaking.

Again, this is still Erotica in political and classic times.

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