The Secret of Letting Go

Blame it on New Year – it brings a sense of New Beginnings and Letting Go’s, not to mention – Moving On’s. I was thinking of looking back at 2012’s happenings in my life, but I find myself looking back on the past decade of my life. I don’t know how that came about, I just realized if I look back from last year (it’s already 2 hours to New Year here…), 2013 will be the same as 2012 – or at least not much of a difference.

See, way back 2002 – things are much much different, a lot have happened and the impact of decisions and choices is only felt now til the last days of 2012. Well, technically for the long-term decisions and goals – which I never really have simply because time is never long-term for me. It’s me talking and am not generalizing. If you are one of those people who had the same impulsive and courageous character then we have the same disease. I plainly consider the tomorrow as a chore and live the days as if it were to end today. That is also the reason am saying I felt the consequences of 10 years eating me up just lately. I worried for a while, then got mad, hated myself for a few minutes – then I finally admitted defeat. I can’t beat myself for my choices – it is me, no matter how many New Year’s resolution I write – I live daily and not on tomorrows. What kind of failures really burn? I only know of personal and emotional attachments. Career and finances are always that something we can always recover from. Unfortunately, with raging emotions and physical attachment – things are murky and blurry especially when reason is all but a cliché’. Continue reading


“Whitest Song Ever – Maya Rudolph” – Grown Ups

If you ever wonder Maya Rudolph in Grown Ups referring to Dancing to the Whitest Song Ever with Chris Rock – This is it! It’s a good one.

Sentimental Lady

Grown Ups!

Men And Friendship

I was checking on a list of Torrents to download – Fine, I am a regular person with regular habits. I am an anti-piracy advocate. Going back, I decided I want a good laugh so I sorted out Adam Sandler‘s flicks – he is one of my fave, when God showered the world with humor – he was outside sun-bathing. Crazy. I bumped into Grown Ups – if I am not mistaken, he co – produced this under his Happy Madison TM. Full brand of comic relief and moral lesson. Really, no man is an island – and men are a perfect statement for this cliché. With all my heart – I find it really appealing. Women, not generalizing, but a majority, have lesser chances of having long-term friendship bond unlike men. Continue reading

Finding Yourself.


It's Cookie's Time!

Finding Yourself.

Life is a test of character and strength.

The struggle?

Man’s initial reaction to pain and confusion is always the same – Anger. Until it eats you up you never stop.

The moment you get tired – that’s the only time you accept you are a looser. But until you beat yourself up for being one, you will never move on.

It takes time, and no one is hurrying us. Besides, no matter what other people say, whether you believe them or not. You’d still knock yourself blind.

It’s human nature don’t worry.  Amazingly normal.  Only to a certain degree of course, don’t get me wrong.

Consider EQ – it is your saving grace. Follow through with realism, it leads to acceptance and freedom.

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