Air Pollution, Fetal Suffocation, and Human Nature: Profound Sculpting of Who We Are Occurs at a Time We Cannot See : 21st Century and Its Discontents, Part 4

I couldn’t agree more. I recently wrote an article about the Quality of Air and its effect on Us. Great post.

Culture War, Class War

Kaleidoscope of Postmodern Life, Part Four: Pollution and The Greenhouse Effect Pushes Up Perinatal Pulls and Political Palpitations…and Vice Versa


The Perinatal Pulls of Pollution: Air Pollution and Fetal Oxygen Starvation

Increased Carbon Dioxide, But Also Decreased Oxygen

SuffocationTotalRecallArnoldScream-thumb-500x273-55189One overlooked, but hugely pervasive perinatal element of these strange days is connected to the increasing carbon dioxide concentration in our atmosphere called “the greenhouse effect” which occurs alongside the curiously overlooked yet necessarily corresponding decreases in oxygen levels. There is increasingly less oxygen as we use it up burning carbon-based fossil fuels and making carbon dioxide. [Footnote 1]

We have more carbon dioxide for that reason and also because we are stupidly destroying the Earth’s mechanisms for turning that carbon dioxide back into oxygen…forests and ocean plankton, for example. This increased carbon dioxide is called “the greenhouse effect.” While this has been looked at from the perspective of it…

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Product Review: Inhaling Sickness! Let’s Use HEPA Filters.

The Air That We Breathe

Can you imagine inhaling a very bad carbon dioxide?

Isn’t that flammable? The brain cell gets toasted, suddenly losing trigonometry and physics from high school.

It can make you dumb or stupid – I embraced that thought ever since I was a kid. Of course, that is not the case – not deadly and won’t make one dumb, but is not an excuse to release one in a room full of people.

I don’t plan to discuss “farting and carbon dioxide” in this article, however, it is very relative to breathing and living.

Human take in oxygen and emits carbon dioxide which is beneficial to other species – plants to be exact. If we take in something that is not beneficial to us, then it is harmful. Unfortunately for humans, we don’t wither and die easily if we take in something harmful – cigarette, alcohol, spoiled food, bacteria and viruses – our system fight and it makes health struggle, we die slow and painful. We get cancer of all types and diseases of different kind.

In order to make us immune and healthy – we supply our system with enough Vitamins and health boosting supplements, eat and live a healthy lifestyle, and manage to see our family doctor for regular check up.

Are we guaranteed a long and healthy life then? No. Ouch! That’s a lot of spending and health conscious effort! Continue reading