What Is Your Blog Objective – Followers or Viewers?


I woke up this morning with so many email – work, twitter, stumbleUpon, digg, tumblr, wordpress – all of them. It made my day, one particular spam made me write this article. It is a realization, I was given an advise on how I can drive traffic into my site by going into a certain website, back links and being on top of google searches etc.  I honestly appreciated it – unfortunately, she is barking on a wrong tree. You see –  and I would say I am not the only one who will agree on this, why it made my day when I woke up with my social emails is – it is not fake, no force, and no special techie effort on my site traffic, and I am proud of my small group of followers. You can bawl all you like but that is my stand – I have a purpose when I created my site 4 months back, and it is still the same up to now. Yes, It Depends! Continue reading