Daily Dose of Choco! – Love

Love sounds so overrated and yet –

Today I had the privilege to remember how it’s defined. The power to build and destroy is not always driven by ambition – at most times, destruction, chaos, and upheaval comes with vengeance, driven by hate/anger, pain, selfishness and confusion. Reformation, change, and unity comes with patriotism and respect, driven by love, compassion, peace and selflessness.

Today, I’ll go back to what Love is in all aspect – religion or belief it all means the same – It can be the root of all good and evil. Destruction is self-possessed, Love is selflessness. It is the one weakness of human soul, and is also the strength. The irony is – Love is not love without hate and selfishness. It is the realization of all that’s corrupted, sad and painful – and how one can overcome – only then it can be called love. Continue reading