Daily Dose of Choco: What’s Wrong?

I guess we’ll all know soon enough when we get hit by the consequences.

To Us, with Adventurous soul – It’s all worth the ride! We crave for it.

For The Curious ones – It’s damnation. Curiosity is also a friend of stupidity, don’t forget.

For the Experts – It may be your last. Think again, good prevails.

For the Good-hearted, sensitive and gentle – Now is not the right time to change.  This is definitely not your league. Besides, the world needs you.

For the Soul – searchers and Answer – seekers – Guaranteed shocking answers and bigger problems will be found. What are you looking for?

For the Righteous – I believe they won’t even think of it, more so attempt to try. They will definitely incarcerate themselves.

For Those who does not fall into any of the above – You are not saints or gods, You are simply humans, therefore failures are forgivable, there is always a second chance and a second act.


The Next BIG Thing.

But Do We See It?

It starts today.  What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?  Is it – how lovely your day ended before sleeping last night, or how bad the dinner was, maybe how amazing it felt when your boss agreed with your project, or probably how great the party was? It’s a lot of things, good or bad, money or life. But it all comes down to – What happened before you sleep. Why? We have different reasons.  The most common is:

 “So I’d know what to do today…” OR “So next time I’ll do better than how I did last night/yesterday/last week/last month or year…or when that day I was born…etc…”

These are all valid and unquestionable.  As a matter of fact, our reasoning is the one that dictates our individualism.  Because of that, no one can say you are wrong without being so personal about it. Often times, we get hurt and resist the truth the moment we hear it – That’s personality and attitude working. Doing something about it is character, but how we do it is where substance and depth comes in.  Is there really a right approach on seeing things so we can all be successful?  I’ve asked myself that question, twice in my life, that’s when I had two major disappointments – career wise.  I asked that question the 1st time it happened.  Going back and analyzing where I messed up. Continue reading