Daily Dose of Choco: What’s Wrong?

I guess we’ll all know soon enough when we get hit by the consequences.

To Us, with Adventurous soul – It’s all worth the ride! We crave for it.

For The Curious ones – It’s damnation. Curiosity is also a friend of stupidity, don’t forget.

For the Experts – It may be your last. Think again, good prevails.

For the Good-hearted, sensitive and gentle – Now is not the right time to change.  This is definitely not your league. Besides, the world needs you.

For the Soul – searchers and Answer – seekers – Guaranteed shocking answers and bigger problems will be found. What are you looking for?

For the Righteous – I believe they won’t even think of it, more so attempt to try. They will definitely incarcerate themselves.

For Those who does not fall into any of the above – You are not saints or gods, You are simply humans, therefore failures are forgivable, there is always a second chance and a second act.