Zen Today: The World is You.

If this is true, then all of us would’ve been great men and women of our time. So easy and yet so hard to live up to. So they say, only those with great minds and the purest intentions – who fight and stand by for what they believe, despite the obstacles – have the chance to change not only their world, but others too. Continue reading


Grown Ups!

Men And Friendship

I was checking on a list of Torrents to download – Fine, I am a regular person with regular habits. I am an anti-piracy advocate. Going back, I decided I want a good laugh so I sorted out Adam Sandler‘s flicks – he is one of my fave, when God showered the world with humor – he was outside sun-bathing. Crazy. I bumped into Grown Ups – if I am not mistaken, he co – produced this under his Happy Madison TM. Full brand of comic relief and moral lesson. Really, no man is an island – and men are a perfect statement for this cliché. With all my heart – I find it really appealing. Women, not generalizing, but a majority, have lesser chances of having long-term friendship bond unlike men. Continue reading