My Ideal Guy is a part of the Wolfpack.

My Ideal Guy is a part of the Wolfpack.

Seriously. Men are lovable because of their nature. Let them be a man if you want to be happy. How can you live with someone who doesn’t know what fun and friendship means? Give them room – so you’ll have a man of substance and depth at the end of the day. A man you’ll love and respect forever.


One thought on “My Ideal Guy is a part of the Wolfpack.

  1. Just to respond to a message I received about this over twitter:

    “ really can’t trust them, the moment you do, they’re off to another girl.”

    I totally respect your opinion. Believe me – I’ve been through hell and back giving tight and loose strings, you’d still end up getting crap. And you know the moral lesson here? Men are cut from different type of cloth. If you watch the movie, you’ll know what I mean. You’ll see a man who is curious with life, and they ended up facing their own demons and conquering it, coming back a lot smarter and more appreciative of what they have. Let them find their way in realizing things. If your man is cut from this type of cloth, you don’t even have to watch your back all the time. If you don’t trust your man, I’d say there is probably a good reason why. You being a woman definitely have your type of adventure – live it, the way a man does.( we do have our own dark side ya? Haha ) There is a lot of good men out there, I’ve met quite a few and some are dear friends. You’ll find them the moment you stop trying.

    Have a nice day to you! I’d love to hear from you again.

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